Audio Cards


Add your very own audio recording to a greeting card and then personalise it with your design

Video Cards


Add a 20 second audio clip to an A5 greeting card you can personalise, and you'll make any occasion a special one.


Talkies is a consumer site which allows customers to create Audio Cards and Video Books. Talkies is Talking Prints consumer site. Talking Print have been combining innovative audio and video technology with print for over 5 years.

Working with Marketing Agencies, Designers and Printers and many direct businesses, we have an in-depth knowledge of technology, print and design. We create unique marketing pieces that customers never forget! We are experts in creating video books and audio cards.

Create your Audio Card or Video Book here, right now!

If you require a bespoke service please visit our website Talking Print

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By adding audio or video to a card we create a unique gift, keepsake or marketing experience that is guaranteed to be kept, shared and talked about.

Audio cards and video books explained

Talkies audio cards and video books are quick and easy to create. No need to spend a fortune on expensive audio and video bespoke gifts. Talkies provides the perfect gift for your loved one’s.

Audio Cards

Add a 20 second audio clip to an A5 greeting card you can personalise, and you’ll make any occasion a special one.
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Video Books

Add an video clip to an HD video screen inside one
of our cards, personalise it, and then send it off to a lucky someone.
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